Information and Communication Week Brings Great Innovation

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Information and Communication Week Brings Great In
Have you wanted to try a new restaurant or shopping place, but were unable to find the location due to heavy rain? How do we find our way around a new area when there are so many distracting factors that can occur? Tamkang University’s 7 departments related to information and communication have been researching ways to make life more convenient for everyone. They aim to share their experience and information they’ve studied including mass data analysis, cloud operations, cultural innovation and smart technology to make things even simpler for the average consumer. On May 18 (Thurs) the “2016 Information and Communication Week Associate Display” was held in the Student Activity Center. (No. 1004)
Director of the Department of Information and Communication, Chin-hwa Kuo, expressed, “The event contained a collection of interconnected enterprises and online product information related to transport, operations, medical needs, smart tech environments, personal and social services. The seven departments: Information Engineering, Information and Broadcasting, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Information Management, Educational Technology and Information Innovation and Technology shared information of the local enterprises through multiple forms of media including digital content, apps, cloud, interconnected web networks and mass data analysis to enlighten participants of the continual developing technical methods, business management practices and innovative trends of development.
The Information and Communication Week display consisted of 28 competing teams and 34 displays of 5 companies. The event encouraged students in areas of research and development, software innovation and versatile practical applications of data. One such display, “Umbrella Pirate Installation,” was organized by team captain, Ya-kang Zhang, who expressed, “We used the Arduino bluetooth software to allow users to find their interests through using Easy Traveler and Google Maps. It helps them make a clear itinerary, find locations easily and even parking when visibility is an issues.”

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