Future Development

(2014-10-30 updated)
1. Recruiting international scholars to provide short-term courses and English instruction at graduate levels.

2. Recruiting distinguished professors to motivate research studies and taking research efforts to a higher level.

3. Putting each department’s five-year recruiting plan into action and increasing the quality and the number of full-time faculty members.

4. Promoting the five-year project and emphasizing R&D in the fields of robot and wind engineering.

5. Encouraging cooperation with the industrial sector and formulating incentives for cooperative projects.

6. Equal sharing of funds to improve lab facilities and research equipment on a three-year basis.

7. Inviting eminent local and overseas scholars to offer intensive courses or cooperative research projects and encouraging outstanding faculty members to deliver lectures or conduct research at prestigious organizations or universities.

8. Promoting Cross-Strait academic and technological research / exchange and scheduling faculty and students to visit well-known universities in China to realize TKU’s goals of globalization and future-oriented education.

The College of Engineering will maintain its status as a leading college and work on establishing a solid foundation for future development, while constantly enhancing its standard of research and instruction. Faculty members in the College of Engineering possess extensive experience and the College itself is equipped with cutting edge facilities to assist students achieve their ultimate learning objectives.

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